an active body is a healthy body
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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle tissues. Compression and frictioning of the muscle help release tension points deep in the muscle that causes pain and soreness. It also releases the toxins that build up in tension points, smoothes out the muscle fibres, and aids the flow of oxygen and blood.

Deep Tissue massage has a therapeutic effect as well as a corrective effect on the body, and can also help with emotional stress because it works deeply within the muscle. Sports injuries and Chronic pain and be relieved with Deep Tissue massage along with many other physical problems.

Some soreness may occur afterwards due to the focus being on specific areas, but should dissipate in a few days. Drinking water is important to help flush away the toxins released after a massage.


Sports Massage

Unlike a standard Swedish or Holistic massage routine, Sports massage is a treatment based therapy, and as such is individually tailored to each clients needs. Your consultation, linked with on going feedback and participation during the treatment, will ensure the best outcome.

Techniques designed to enhance performance and endurance are used to reduce the chances of injury and recovery time. During exercise, stress and tension build up in the muscle tissues causing fatigue, which in turn can cause injuries. Sports massage can be used before, during and after exercise to help keep the body at optimal performance.

  • Used before exercise, helps to prepare the body for the activity ahead.
  • Used during, keeps the muscles supple and warm ready for the continuation of activity.
  • Used after, helps reduce soreness, fatigue, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, and promotes flexibility.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is performed when muscles and tendons become sore, knotted, tense or immobile. Appropriate pressures are used with each individual. Passive stretching and joint loosening are performed during the treatment but after the associated muscles have been warmed and deeply penetrated by the massage.

Remedial massage helps to restore the muscles back to normal function, reducing pain and discomfort, thus improving joint mobility.